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FAQS (常见问题)

General Information (信息)
Please note the following (请注意以下事项):

What should be done after an accident? (发生意外后应该做什么?)

  1. Stay calm and check if anyone is injured at the point of time Avoid any possible argument. (保持冷静并检查当时是否有人受伤, 避免发生争执与争论.)
  2. The license plate number of the registered vehicle involved in the accident. (涉及意外的车牌号码.)
  3. The name of the insurance company, if circumstances permit. (保险公司的名字,若情况许可.)
  4. The name and contact number of the witness, if any. (目击证人的名字与联系电话,若有.)
  5. Take photos or video evidence of the accident. (拍摄事故的照片或视频作为证据.)

What to document to bring when reporting an accident? (报案时要携带什么证件?)

  1. NRIC/FIN (身份证), WP (工作准证), E-pass/S-pass (新加坡就业准证)
  2. Valid Driving License (有效驾驶执照)
  3. Valid insurance policy certificate and schedule (有效的保险单)
  4. Police report -If available (警方报告-如有)
  5. If is a company vehicle, kindly bring along Company Stamp (如果是公司车辆,请携带公司印章)

Must the vehicle be present during the reporting of the accident? (报案时, 有关车辆必须到报告中心吗?)

– Yes, it is mandatory to drive your vehicle to our reporting center. (是的,必须将您的车辆驾到我们的报告中心或拖过来.)
– If your vehicle is not available at our reporting center. (如果您的车辆无法驾来我们的报告中心.)
– Kindly provide us the documentation of proof of justification on the reason why is not available. (请向我们提供关于车辆无法开来的理由的证明文件.)

Timeframe to report an accident? (事故报告时限)

– To file an accident claim or reporting must within 24hrs after the incident to avoid impacting your Insurance NCD. (必须在事故发生后 24 小时内, 提交事故索赔或报告,以免影响您的保险 NCD.)

Must I return to my authorized workshop for repair? (我是否必须返回我的授权维修车厂进行维修吗?)

– Please refer to your insurance policy or contact your insurance agent. (请参阅您的保险单或联系您的保险代理人.)
– Leave your vehicle immediately if there are signs of possible danger. Example(fire or leakage of fuel.) (如果有可能存在危险的迹象,请立即离开您的车辆。示例(火灾或燃料泄漏.)
– Never shift or move your vehicle after a collision, check for safety before taking photos of the accident scene. (千万不要移动或碰撞后移动您的车辆,以事故现场照片前,确认安全.)
– Save keep your video footage evidence for reporting claims. (保存保留您的录像证据以报告索赔.)
– Take down basic information of the 3rd party drivers for reporting claims. (保存保留您的录像证据以报告索赔.)

What if I failed to report an accident? (如果我没有报告事故怎么办?)

– Policyholders face serious consequences if they fail to file an accident report, as this constitutes a breach of the insurance policy condition. The insurer is entitled to repudiate liability, resulting in the insured’s loss of protection under the policy. (保单持有人不提交事故报告将面临严重后果, 因为这构成了对保险单条件的违反。 保险公司有权免除责任,导致被保险人失去保单下的保险单.)

– Insurers may also cancel the policy, decline to invite renewal of policy or confiscate the NCD entitlement of policyholders if there is any delay in reporting accidents. (如果报告事故有任何延误,保险公司也可以取消保单,拒绝邀请续保或没收保单持有人的NCD权利.)

Type of claims available at Wah Hong Motors & Credit Pte Ltd? (华丰提供的索赔类型?)

  1. OD – Own Damage Claims (自己的损坏索赔)
  2. TP – Third Party Claims (第三方索赔)
  3.  Reporting Only (报告)

Can I choose who repairs my vehicle? (我可以选择谁来修理我的车辆吗?)

– Your policy may have restrictions on where you could send your vehicle for repair when you are making an accident claim against your own policy. (当您根据自己的保单提出事故索赔时,您的保单可能会限制您将车辆送到哪里进行维修.)

– Please refer to the terms and conditions of your policy. (请参阅您的保单的条款和条件.)

– If you require further clarification, please contact your insurer. (如果您需要进一步说明,请联系您的保险公司.)

Disclaimer / 免责声明:
The information provided on this page is not an insurance contract. The description on the cover is only a short summary for quick glance. Please refer to the policy document for clear terms and rules. / 本页所提供的资料并不是一份保险合约。封面的说明仅是简短的摘要供快览。明确的条款与规则请查阅保单文件.